What You Can Expect from the Aiken Center  

We treat each person who comes to us with dignity and respect and provide a safe place in which to start the healing process. During your first visit to the Aiken Center you will meet with a counselor for an intake and assessment process.  You will review several forms that include important information and will be asked to sign many of them to acknowledge your receipt of the various policies and procedures.

Your Financial Responsibilities

During the intake process your counselor will complete a financial assessment on you.  Financial arrangements are based on each individual client’s financial resources, except for ADSAP, AOD 101 and DOT services which have set fees.  The Aiken Center does accept third-party payments, including Medicaid and private insurance.

Your Assessment and Individualized Treatment Plan

In order for you to get the most out of the time you spend in services here you need to take an active part in planning your treatment.  During the assessment you will talk with a counselor about the events in your life (past and present) that led you into treatment. Using this information, your counselor will work with you to develop an Individualized Treatment Plan. This plan identifies specific problems, spells out what goals you want to achieve while in treatment, and how you will go about reaching them.  Together, you and your counselor will also decide on the kind of services that can best help you achieve your goals.  The Treatment Plan will include the service in which you agree to participate, how often you will attend, and a target date by which you hope to have reached your goals. As part of your treatment plan you will be given your counselor’s name and the starting date of your treatment.

This plan acts like a road map in treatment.  It helps keep you on track and moving in the right direction.  You and your counselor will constantly monitor your progress and it is important for you to talk to him/her about any concerns you have concerning your progress or changes you want to make in your Treatment Plan. During the course of your treatment, as well as when you complete treatment, you may be referred to other social and human service agencies for additional services. It is critical that you follow up with these referral recommendations. To the extent allowed by the confidentiality laws, the Aiken Center will attempt to assist you in this effort. Also while under our care, you will help develop a Transition Plan that will address your care during and after services. Please review this document for referral recommendations and address any questions or concerns you may have with your counselor. ADSAP/PRI clients enter into a “Participation Contract” that describes the conditions of successful program completion. This participation contract will be fully explained during your intake/orientation session.

Continuum of Care/Length of Services

Although most programs have a minimum length of stay, the length of time you attend a program is based on the progress you have made on your treatment plan goals. Regardless of why you came into treatment, you are the one who controls how much you get out of it. Your time is valuable and we are here to help you get the most from this experience. At the completion of your services at the Aiken Center, upon your request, you may receive a copy of your “Discharge Summary”, a document describing the services you received and the current status of your case. Please contact your counselor if you wish to receive a copy of this document.

What The Aiken Center Expects from You
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What The Aiken Center
Expects from You
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