What The Aiken Center Expects from You  

You will be expected to:

  • Help us identify problem areas.
  • Actively participate and make decisions in the development of your Individualized Treatment Plan.
  • Attend all scheduled counseling sessions and be on time.
  • Inform your counselor if you are having problems working on your treatment goals or if you have any concerns about the services you are receiving.
  • Follow through on other services outside the agency as agreed upon by you and your counselor.
  • Give feedback on services received.

If you miss two (2) sessions in a row without contacting your counselor, your file could be closed and you may have to apply for readmission.  These rules do not apply to ADSAP/PRI services. You must re-enroll for ADSAP/PRI services if you miss a session or you are late for a session.  You have the right to refuse services. However, if you are mandated to attend treatment by an outside referral source, you may be subjected to consequences from the referral source for non-compliance.

Other requirements:

  • Respect the privacy of anyone you see or meet at this agency.
  • Keep confidential the identity of others and things shared in group.
  • Violation of another person’s confidentiality will result in termination from the Aiken Center and a referral elsewhere for treatment.
  • Do not make any threats against another client.
  • Do not use alcohol or other drugs before coming to your session.
  • You are prohibited from bringing alcohol, illegal drugs or weapons
    (including concealed weapons) onto Aiken Center property.
  • The Aiken Center is a smoke-free work environment. Smoking is allowed only in clearly designated areas.
  • We will ask you to sign a copy of the Program Guidelines and/or Group Rules before you start treatment.

What You Can Expect from The Aiken Center(click here).

What You Can Expect
from The Aiken Center
(click here).

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